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What is learned from a fertility scan?

The fertility assessment scan will provide your doctor information on the uterus, lining of the uterus, shape of the cavity and ovaries. Not all women are born the same, and ultrasound can help define if the uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries are present, fully formed and in the correct area.

When assessing the uterus, our team obtains information about different shapes, problems with the muscle of the uterus, and problems with the lining which may affect your chances of conceiving and miscarriage.

We will also examine the number of follicles (known as a follicle count) as this is important in assessing the ovarian reserve. The position and shape of the ovaries are also assessed.


What does follicle tracking involve?

Follicle tracking involves scanning the ovaries and tracking the development of the follicles within the ovary from the early immature state to maturity. By following the growth of the follicles, we can help predict when the oocyte is mature, and ovulation will occur.

A combination of ultrasound and blood tests that look at the levels of female hormones can help your fertility doctor pick the best time for intercourse or artificial insemination and assists IVF doctors to perform an egg pick up (oocyte retrieval).